Tuesday, March 10, 2015

past tense

1.  Daisy  brought (bring) some chocolates to the birthday party.
2. I heard (hear) a new song on the radio.
3.  Peter read(read) three books last week.
4.  The Smiths spoke (speak) Italian to the waitress.
5.  Peter understood(understand) during the class, but now he doesn't understand.
6.  My mother  forgot(forget) to buy some milk.
7.  Susan had (have) a baby in August.
8.  We lost (lose) our keys last Friday.
9.  They swam (swim) 500m yesterday afternoon.
10. I gave(give) my mother a CD for her birthday.
11. At the age of 23, she became(become) a teacher.
12. I knew(know) the answer yesterday.
13. Peter told(tell) me that he lived in New York.
14. We lent(lend) John €200.
15. She drank (drink) too much coffee yesterday.
16. The children slept(sleep) in the car.
17. He kept(keep) his promise.
18. We chose(choose) the steak for dinner.
19. The film began (begin) late.
20. They flew(fly) to Madrid.
21. We drove (drive) to Edinburgh.
22. Mrs. Black taught(teach) English at the University.
23. They sent(send) me an e-mail earlier.

24. We  left(leave) at 7 a.m..