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When my grandmother was alive, and I'm still in childhood, but now the grandmother was dead. Every night before going to bed, my grandmother always tells a story, be it history or fairy tales about animals. Well this time, I will tell the story of my grandmother who was still recorded in my memory, a story about a deer with a monkey. He exclaimed curious yuch ... let's read the story below.

One day in the forest, there are many kinds of animals living in harmony and peace each other. Each animal has his own life and activities. But there is one animal that is always making trouble and is very clever, the name is Kancil. With the cunning of reason and intelligence to speak to fool his opponent. Kancil known as the beast with a million clever deception. Well this time the target monkeys.
On one day a monkey was enjoy hanging and shade under the bamboo tree. Singing, whistling with the cool and peaceful porch enjoying a piece of cake. Kancil Come, see the monkey that was cool to enjoy a piece of cake. Cunning of reason appears to take the cake in the hands Monkey.

The monkey then had to come up Kancil, while asking "What up Cil? You call me."
Kancil : "Nyet .. Can you given me a bit of cake, just a little"
Monkey : "Yes ... Cil .. I'm care about others, yes this is my half of the cake,"
Kancil : "Thank ya Nyet ... you're so good, but let's me to cut the cake,"

Monkey give the cake to be cut by Kancil without the slightest suspicion against the Kancil. "This is the cake you cut a fair Cil ...," The monkey said as he handed a cake to Kancil.
Kancil with a sly sense to cut the cake, one big and other small without the knowledge of the Monkey. Then give a small part to Monkey then the great he held his own. "Cil ... why is big your one?," Said Monkey.
Kancil : "Come give to me, I make for the same cake," and Kancil eat a little of the cake which he held, "It's the same?."
Monkey: "Not Cil ... this is still a big mine,"
Kancil Monkey takes the cake hands and ate a little cake, and so on until the cake was eaten Kancil.
Finally Kancil eaten all the cake while Monkey just got upset at not getting the cake when the cake was his own. Since then the Monkey hates Kancil. Well that was a little story about the cunning that made Kancil. Thank you have read this story may be useful.

The Fairy Tale The Mouse Deer And The Crocodile

Briefly was 40 crocodiles that were marching from the side of the river at the side foreign him. The mouse deer agilely jumped from one crocodile to the following crocodile until succeeding in crossing the river. Afterwards he jumped above tebing that could not be covered by the crocodile while smiling glad.

Of course crocodiles angry very felt was cheated. They shouted mentioned the mouse deer as the rancid swindler. Acknowledged as Sang the mouse deer by him the chaotic animal, the trade person, the manipulation trade person and the enemy of the number crocodile of one of tricks. However elegantly the mouse deer listened to all the words of dozens of crocodiles beneath it. Afterwards after they were quiet, the mouse deer began to answer their charges.

"Dengar the crocodiles. Your enemy who was biggest not I. But two weak characteristics in the character of the crocodile. You the easy crocodile nation was manipulated by anyone by making use of two big holes in your character" said mouse deer .

“Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh “

"Today I am kind-hearted divided my knowledge about crocodile psychology. Knowledge that was more valuable than one thousand mouse deer meats. Moreover only thin mouse deer meat like aku" continued mouse deer .

“Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh “

There were two big holes in your character. Two holes that made you find it easy to be hypnotised or was made use of. First was the requirement that was abundant on the safe feeling that made you easy was intimidated and the two were the feeling of the greed that made you easy was tantaliseds.

“Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh “ violently the crocodile.

The Mouse Deer Stole The Cucumber

Dejectedly his cucumber was still being stolen by the animal from the forest although installing the doll (the statue from wood that was given clothes and the shirt until being similar to the real person) in the paddy-field to intimidate them, Mr Farmer intended to carry out few innovations. Apparently the thief knew that the doll of only statues completely, so as not again frightened. Moreover the thief dared to ridicule the object. By borrowing the technique caught birds with pulut (very sticky latex of the jackfruit tree) -- Mr Farmer smeared his doll with pulut while hoping the animal will adhere to the doll.

It was really lucky that fate of Mr Farmer and really unfortunate fate of the animal that finally really had been trapped to the statue. At first the animal, that evidently was the mouse deer ridiculed the doll with words, was followed with dismissed the tongue, installed the index finger beside the right-left head and was ended by kicking the doll with foot him that was small. "Gubraaak!" And foot Kancil also adhered to latex that was smeared in foot the doll. Efforts rammed even made his head take part in adhering. His condition was more again serious the time Kancil struck the doll with his tail. Be his body adhered tight to the paddy-field doll.

Sir Farmer that came home from looking for firewood in the whistling forest cheerful when seeing the thief did not move in his paddy-field. "Tralala Trilili, Cihuiiii!" Siul him while imagining his cucumber will not be stolen again and ate at night this time will be accompanied by satay of the mouse deer of the pepper spice. "Nyam nyam nyam, mouse deer satay niceeeeeee bok!" He yelled was full of pleasure seemed like the sun smiled especially for him.

A pity was really unfortunate the mouse deer that was tied and imprisoned in imprisonment of the chicken while waiting for his life to end in the burning of satay. But the conduct the sheepdog Mr Farmer that was jealous the time the mouse deer boasted that himself was waiting for the tailor to come to measure clothes for him and Sir the farmer was looking for delicious food in the forest to be served to him -- rescued the mouse deer. The sheepdog that wanted clothes and this "fake" food was prepared to change places by him. He was tied and placed in imprisonment of the chicken, now the mouse deer went to be relax while whistling cheerful.

It was really angry that Mr Farmer to the Dog that was acknowledged as a stupid creature and the greed by him! The creature that be easy was cheated-trick by the enemy Mr Farmer. The creature who could not think logical and chronological in considering a fact. Necessarily the Sheepdog knew that Mr Farmer for months installed the trap for the mouse deer, eee after caughted how come even was released.

Of course The sheepdog that felt himself very competent in the affair looked after the goat did not receive. Acknowledged as Mr Farmer as the not communicative leader by him. The leader who worked unprofessional. Played accused at random! Judged the dog from the field that not his responsibility! . Want to win personally. Think the interests himself. Not had wanted to develop his subordinate! Only want to keep results of farm land and his property livestock breeding without wanting to share information, let alone training his subordinate. Blah! Blah!

"I would daily busy looking after the goat." How could it be that I knew if the mouse deer the catch. Sir Farmer not had communicated that he had the project caught the mouse deer! Wrongly he himself not had divided information into parts! All he kept personally seemed like all was secret!

Afterwards The sheepdog also defended itself when being accused that himself the greed because of wanting clothes and food that were allocated for the other person.

"I had the bad experience about rules of play lack of clarity that was made by Mr Farmer." Yesterday The Horse in tethered in the tree in front of the house, afterwards he was asked to the city and return home-return home brought new shoes and the new saddle. Last week The Cow was tethered in the same tree, and the following afternoon he put on the new bell. The month yesterday The Cat was imprisoned in imprisonment of the chicken, and the following afternoon he put on the necklace from gold. While I was always left alone without being given by the explanation. Why did they get my temporary gift was allowed to work hard without being paid attention to! Did don't blame I when felt was treated unjust!

Mr Farmer fell silent heard words the mouse deer. He was really embarrassed to be found out it was denied by the subordinate personally opposite belasan the other farmer. However he could not do anything because all that was said The sheepdog quite true. Sir Tani did not want to damage his reputation as the strong candidate the village head with punished The sheepdog. Possibly his prospective voters ran to the other candidate because frightened the incident that fall on The sheepdog will fall on them.


Previously when the gods are happy down to earth, the kingdom of Majapahit to attack from various regions. Residents confused search for the evacuation, as well as with the gods. At the time it is going to the start of the gods to a place, near Mount Bromo.
Mount Bromo is still quiet, upright white fog covered. Gods who come to the place in the vicinity of Mount Bromo, sit on the slopes of Mount Pananjakan. In the place that is the sunrise can be seen from the East and set in the West.
Around the Mount Panjakan, where the deities reside, there is also a solitary place. Solitaire is working every day to venerate and silence is just reserved. One day when the blessed, the wife was delivered of a son. Handsome face, bright light. Truly a child born out of the holy spirit bead. Since born, the child's health and reveal a remarkable strength. When he was born, the child may have been solitary cried. Clasp hands very tight, kick his leg is strong. Unlike other children. Baby is named Joko Seger, Joko that means a healthy and strong.
In place around Mount Pananjakan, at that time have a daughter who was born from the bead of the gods. Beautiful face and elegant. He was the only child in the most beautiful spots. Time was born, the child is not the withdrawal baby is born. She was silent, not to cry when you first breathe in the air. Baby was so quiet, born without a cry from his mother's womb. But by her parents, the baby was named Rara Anteng
From day to day body Rara Anteng grow into young girl. Lines clearly visible beauty in her face. Popularly Rara Anteng to various places. Many son of the king apply to married. However, the application rejected by Rara Anteng, because her heart has been attracted to Joko Seger.
One day Rara Anteng apply to married by a famous pirate magic and strong. Rover is very famous evil. Rara Anteng the famous soft heart not dare to reject the applicants who are sacred. So she requested to be made sea in the middle of the mountain. With a strange request, applicant deems that magic will not meet demand. Requested that the sea should be made in one night, which begins at sunset to sunrise when finished. To be able Rara Anteng request it.
Applicants magic before the seas start with a shell tool (coconut shell) and the work is almost complete. Viewing the facts so, careful Rara Anteng nervous start. How do I counteract the oceans that are done by the plow? Rara Anteng think fate, she could not live have husband with person who she does not love him. Then he tried calm herself. Suddenly arise intention to circumvent the employment share.
Rara Anteng start pound of rice in the middle of the night. Slow sound pestle collision and friction build-chicken chicken who was sleeping. Crowing chicken one and another also start, as though dawn has arrived, but people have not started with the morning activities.
Rover heard chicken chicken-crow, but the white thread is still visible east. Means the time before dawn came. After that he think fate unlucky. Shell (coconut shell coconut) is used as a tool that dredge sand throwing event and fall on one's face on the side of Mount Bromo and changed into a mountain called Mount Batok.
Failure to make the pirate seas in the middle of Mount Bromo, make Rara Anteng happiness. He was to continue the relationship with her love, Joko Seger. Later Anteng Rara and Joko Seger as husband and wife pair of happy, because they loved each other.
Couples Rara Anteng and Jaka Seger build settlements and then ruled in the area as the Tengger Purbowasesa Mangkurat Ing Tengger, meaning "ruler Tengger That Kind". The name was taken from the end of the Tengger syllable name Rara Anteng and Jaka Seger. The word also means the Tengger Tenggering Budi Luhur or introduction of high moral, eternal symbol of peace.
From time to time Tengger people live peaceful and prosperous, but the authorities did not feel happy, because after a long pair Rara Anteng and Jaka Tengger merried offspring was also not yet. Then be resolved to ascend to the top of Mount Bromo to be imprisoned with full trust to the Almighty that given offspring.
Suddenly a magical voice that says that they will be imprisoned provided answered but when you have children, the youngest child must be sacrificed to the crater of Mount Bromo, Couples Roro Anteng and Jaka Seger approve and then have 25 children, but the instinct heavy heart old when we did not lose the child. In a word pair Rara Anteng and Jaka Seger broken a promise, God was angry with the threatening and will override catastrophe, then there tempest darkness into the crater of Mount Bromo belch fire.
Kesuma the last children disappeared from sight praisesed fire and go to Bromo crater, at the same loss heard Kesuma unseen voice: "You are my brother-that I love you, I have been sacrificed by our parents and Hyang Widi save you all. Life peaceful and serene, Hyang Widi worship. I remind you that every month KASADA Festival on the 14-day to make offerings to Hyang Widi in the crater of Mount Bromo. This habit is followed by hereditary Tengger people and each year the ceremony was held in KASADA Festival Poten sand and sea crater of Mount Bromo.
Terjemahan Inggris ke Bahasa Indonesia
Kancil Dengan Monyet (sepotong kue)
Ketika Nenek saya masih hidup, dan aku masih dalam masa kanak-kanak, tapi sekarang nenek sudah mati. Setiap malam sebelum tidur, nenek saya selalu menceritakan sebuah kisah, baik itu sejarah atau dongeng tentang binatang. Nah kali ini, saya akan menceritakan kisah tentang nenek saya yang masih tercatat dalam ingatanku, sebuah cerita tentang seekor kijang dengan monyet. Dia seru Yuch penasaran ... mari kita baca cerita di bawah ini.

Suatu hari di hutan, ada banyak jenis binatang yang hidup dalam harmoni dan damai satu sama lain. Setiap hewan memiliki hidup sendiri dan kegiatan. Tapi ada satu binatang yang selalu membuat masalah dan sangat pintar, nama Kancil. Dengan licik akal dan kecerdasan untuk berbicara untuk menipu lawannya. Kancil dikenal sebagai binatang dengan penipuan juta pintar. Nah kali ini monyet target.
Pada suatu hari sebuah monyet gantung dan menikmati keteduhan di bawah pohon bambu. Menyanyi, bersiul dengan teras dingin dan damai menikmati sepotong kue. Kancil Datang, lihat monyet yang sejuk untuk menikmati sepotong kue. Licik alasan muncul untuk mengambil kue di tangan Monkey.

monyet kemudian harus datang Kancil, sedangkan bertanya "Apa Facebook Cil Anda menelepon? saya."
Kancil: "Nyet .. Bisakah Anda memberi saya sedikit kue, hanya sedikit"
Monyet: "Ya ... Cil .. aku peduli tentang orang lain, ya ini adalah setengah saya kue,"
Kancil: "Terima kasih ya Nyet ... kau begitu baik, tapi mari saya untuk memotong kue,"

Monyet memberikan kue harus dipotong oleh Kancil tanpa kecurigaan sedikit pun terhadap si Kancil. "Ini adalah kue yang Anda memotong Cil ...," wajar monyet itu berkata sambil menyerahkan kue kepada Kancil.
Kancil dengan akal licik untuk memotong kue, satu besar dan lainnya kecil tanpa pengetahuan tentang Monyet. Kemudian memberikan sebagian kecil kepada Monyet maka besar ia memegang sendiri. "Cil ... mengapa besar satu Anda,?" Said Monyet.
Kancil: "Ayo berikan kepada saya, saya buat untuk kue yang sama," dan Kancil makan sedikit dari kue yang ia pegang, "Itu sama?."
Monyet: "Tidak Cil ... ini masih sebuah tambang besar,"
Monyet Kancil mengambil tangan kue dan makan kue kecil, dan seterusnya sampai kue itu dimakan Kancil.
Akhirnya Kancil dimakan semua kue sementara Monyet baru saja kecewa tidak mendapatkan kue ketika kue itu sendiri. Sejak saat itu Monyet membenci Kancil. Nah itu sedikit cerita tentang licik yang membuat Kancil. Terima kasih telah membaca cerita ini mungkin berguna

The Fairy Tale The Kancil Dan Buaya The
Secara singkat adalah 40 buaya yang berbaris dari sisi sungai di sisi luar negeri dia. Kancil agilely melompat dari satu buaya ke buaya berikut hingga berhasil menyeberangi sungai. Setelah itu ia melompat di atas tebing yang tidak dapat ditutup oleh buaya sambil tersenyum senang.

Tentu saja marah buaya sangat merasa ditipu. Mereka berteriak menyebutkan rusa mouse sebagai penipu tengik. Diakui sebagai Sang rusa mouse oleh dia binatang kacau, tukang, tukang manipulasi dan musuh buaya nomor satu trik. Namun elegan kancil mendengarkan semua kata-kata puluhan buaya di bawahnya. Setelah itu setelah mereka tenang, kancil mulai menjawab tuduhan mereka.

"Dengar para buaya musuh terbesar Anda yang tidak I. Namun dua karakteristik lemah dalam karakter buaya.. Anda bangsa buaya gampang dimanipulasi oleh siapa saja dengan memanfaatkan dua lubang besar pada karakter Anda" kata rusa mouse.

"Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh"

"Hari ini aku baik hati membagi pengetahuan saya tentang psikologi buaya. Pengetahuan yang lebih berharga dari seribu daging kancil. Apalagi hanya daging kancil kurus seperti Aku" Kancil terus.

"Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh"

Ada dua lubang besar pada karakter Anda. Dua lubang yang membuat Anda merasa mudah untuk dihipnosis atau dibuat menggunakan. Pertama adalah kebutuhan yang berlimpah pada rasa aman yang membuat Anda mudah diintimidasi dan kedua adalah rasa keserakahan yang membuat Anda mudah adalah tantaliseds.

"Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh Brrrrrrrrrrgghh" keras buaya.

Kancil Mencuri Ketimun The
Sedih timun nya masih dicuri oleh binatang dari hutan walaupun menginstal boneka (patung dari kayu yang diberi baju dan kemeja hingga yang mirip dengan orang yang nyata) di bidang-padi untuk mengintimidasi mereka, Farmer dimaksudkan untuk melakukan beberapa inovasi. Rupanya pencuri itu tahu bahwa patung hanya boneka sepenuhnya, agar tidak lagi takut. Selain itu pencuri berani cemoohan objek. Dengan meminjam teknik menangkap burung dengan pulut (lateks sangat lengket dari pohon nangka) - Farmer boneka diolesi dengan pulut sambil berharap binatang itu akan mematuhi boneka.

Sungguh beruntung nasib Pak Tani dan benar-benar malang nasib hewan yang akhirnya benar-benar telah terperangkap ke patung itu. Pada awalnya binatang, yang ternyata kancil menertawakan boneka dengan kata-kata, diikuti dengan diberhentikan lidah, memasang jari telunjuk di samping kepala kanan-kiri dan diakhiri dengan menendang boneka itu dengan kakinya yang kecil. "Gubraaak!" Dan Kancil kaki juga mematuhi lateks yang sudah dioleskan di kaki boneka. Upaya menabrak bahkan membuat kepalanya ikut ambil bagian dalam mengikuti. Kondisinya lebih lagi serius waktu Kancil memukul boneka dengan ekornya. Jadilah tubuhnya melekat erat dengan boneka sawah.

Sir Farmer yang pulang dari mencari kayu bakar di hutan bersiul ceria ketika melihat pencuri tidak bergerak dalam bidangnya-sawah. "Tralala Trilili, Cihuiiii!" Siul dia sambil membayangkan ketimun-Nya tidak akan dicuri lagi dan makan di malam hari ini akan disertai dengan sate dari rusa mouse bumbu lada. "Nyam Nyam Nyam, sate kancil niceeeeeee bok!" Dia berteriak penuh kenikmatan tampak seperti matahari tersenyum khusus untuknya.

Sayang sekali benar-benar disayangkan kancil yang diikat dan dipenjarakan di penjara ayam sambil menunggu hidupnya berakhir di pembakaran sate. Tetapi melakukan anjing gembala Farmer yang cemburu saat rusa mouse membual bahwa dirinya sedang menunggu penjahit datang untuk mengukur baju untuknya dan Sir petani sedang mencari makanan lezat di hutan yang akan dilayani kepadanya - diselamatkan rusa mouse. anjing gembala itu yang ingin pakaian dan ini "palsu" makanan siap untuk mengubah tempat oleh dia. Dia diikat dan ditempatkan di penjara ayam, sekarang kancil pergi untuk bersantai sambil bersiul ceria.

Ini benar-benar marah bahwa Mr Farmer ke Dog yang disebut sebagai makhluk bodoh dan keserakahan dengan dia! Makhluk yang mudah ditipu-trick oleh musuh Farmer. Makhluk yang tidak bisa berpikir logis dan kronologis dalam mempertimbangkan fakta. Seharusnya anjing gembala itu tahu bahwa Mr Farmer selama berbulan-bulan memasang perangkap untuk rusa mouse, eee setelah caughted kok bahkan dirilis.

Tentu saja anjing gembala bahwa merasa dirinya sangat kompeten dalam urusan tampak setelah kambing tidak terima. Diakui sebagai Farmer sebagai pemimpin tidak komunikatif oleh dia. Pemimpin yang bekerja tidak profesional. Dimainkan terdakwa secara acak! Dinilai anjing dari lapangan yang tidak tanggung jawabnya! . Ingin menang secara pribadi. Pikirkan kepentingan sendiri. Tidak harus ingin mengembangkan bawahannya! Hanya ingin menyimpan hasil lahan pertanian dan peternakan properti ternak tanpa ingin berbagi informasi, apalagi pelatihan bawahannya. Blah! Blah!

"Saya setiap hari sibuk mencari setelah kambing." Bagaimana mungkin bahwa aku tahu jika mouse menangkap rusa. Sir Petani tidak pernah dikomunikasikan bahwa ia telah proyek menangkap tikus rusa! Salah dia sendiri tidak telah membagi informasi menjadi beberapa bagian! Semua ia terus pribadi tampak seperti semua adalah rahasia!

Setelah itu anjing gembala juga mempertahankan dirinya ketika dituduh bahwa dirinya keserakahan karena mau pakaian dan makanan yang dialokasikan untuk orang lain.

"Saya memiliki pengalaman buruk tentang aturan permainan kurangnya kejelasan yang dibuat oleh Farmer." Kemarin Kuda di ditambatkan di pohon di depan rumah, kemudian ia diminta untuk rumah rumah-return kota dan kembali membawa sepatu baru dan pelana baru. Minggu lalu Sapi ini tengah ditambatkan di pohon yang sama, dan sore berikutnya ia mengenakan lonceng baru. Bulan kemarin Cat dipenjarakan di penjara ayam, dan sore berikutnya ia mengenakan kalung dari emas. Sementara aku selalu ditinggal sendirian tanpa diberikan oleh penjelasan. Mengapa mereka mendapat hadiah sementara saya diizinkan untuk bekerja keras tanpa diperhatikan! Apakah jangan salahkan saya ketika merasa diperlakukan tidak adil!

Farmer jatuh terdiam mendengar kata-kata rusa mouse. Dia benar-benar malu diketahui itu ditolak oleh belasan pribadi sebaliknya bawahan petani lainnya. Namun ia tidak bisa berbuat apa-apa karena semua yang dikatakan anjing gembala yang cukup benar. Pak Tani tidak mau merusak reputasinya sebagai calon kuat kepala desa dengan dihukum anjing gembala itu. Mungkin calon pemilih itu lari ke calon lain karena takut insiden itu yang jatuh pada anjing gembala akan jatuh pada mereka.

Misteri Gunung Bromo
Rara Anteng Jaka Seger &

Sebelumnya ketika para dewa senang turun ke bumi, Kerajaan Majapahit untuk menyerang dari berbagai daerah. Warga bingung mencari evakuasi, serta dengan para dewa. Pada saat itu akan ke awal dari para dewa ke suatu tempat, dekat Gunung Bromo.
Gunung Bromo masih tenang, kabut putih tegak tertutup. Dewa yang datang ke tempat di sekitar Gunung Bromo, duduk di lereng Gunung Pananjakan. Di tempat yang matahari terbit dapat dilihat dari Timur dan terbenam di Barat.
Sekitar Panjakan Gunung, di mana para dewa berada, ada juga tempat yang sunyi. Solitaire bekerja setiap hari untuk memuliakan dan diam hanya reserved. Suatu hari ketika diberkati, istri itu melahirkan anak laki-laki. Tampan wajah, cahaya terang. Sesungguhnya seorang anak lahir dari titisan roh kudus. Sejak lahir, kesehatan anak dan mengungkapkan kekuatan yang luar biasa. Ketika ia lahir, anak mungkin telah soliter menangis. Genggam tangan yang sangat ketat, tendangan kakinya yang kuat. Tidak seperti anak-anak lain. Bayi bernama Joko Seger, Joko yang berarti sehat dan kuat.
Di tempat sekitar Gunung Pananjakan, pada waktu itu memiliki seorang putri yang lahir dari bead para dewa. Wajah cantik dan elegan. Dia adalah satu-satunya anak di tempat yang paling indah. Waktu lahir, anak tidak layaknya bayi lahir. Dia diam, tidak menangis ketika pertama kali Anda bernapas di udara. Bayi itu begitu tenang, lahir tanpa menangis dari rahim ibunya. Tapi oleh orang tuanya, bayi itu bernama Rara Anteng
Dari hari ke hari tubuh Rara Anteng tumbuh menjadi gadis muda. Lines kecantikan terlihat jelas di wajahnya. Populer Rara Anteng ke berbagai tempat. Banyak anak raja berlaku untuk menikah. Namun, aplikasi ditolak oleh Rara Anteng, karena hatinya telah tertarik kepada Joko Seger.
Suatu hari Rara Anteng berlaku untuk menikah dengan sihir bajak laut yang terkenal dan kuat. Rover adalah kejahatan sangat terkenal. Rara Anteng yang terkenal lembut hati tidak berani menolak pemohon yang suci. Jadi, dia diminta untuk dibuat laut di tengah gunung. Dengan permintaan yang aneh, pemohon dianggap sihir yang tidak akan memenuhi permintaan. Diminta bahwa laut harus dibuat dalam satu malam, yang dimulai saat matahari terbenam ke matahari terbit ketika selesai. Untuk dapat Rara Anteng memintanya.
Pelamar sihir sebelum laut mulai dengan alat shell (tempurung kelapa) dan pekerjaan itu hampir selesai. Melihat fakta demikian, hati Rara Anteng mulai gelisah. Bagaimana cara menangkal lautan yang dilakukan oleh bajak? Rara Anteng berpikir nasib, ia tidak bisa hidup memiliki suami dengan orang yang dia tidak mencintainya. Lalu ia mencoba menenangkan diri. Tiba-tiba timbul niat untuk menghindari berbagi kerja.
Rara Anteng mulai menumbuk padi di tengah malam. Slow tabrakan dan gesekan alu suara membangun ayam-ayam yang sedang tidur. Ayam berkokok satu dan lain juga memulai, seolah-olah fajar telah tiba, tetapi orang-orang belum mulai dengan kegiatan pagi.
Rover mendengar ayam-ayam berkokok, tetapi benang putih masih terlihat timur. Berarti waktu sebelum fajar tiba. Setelah itu ia berpikir nasib sial. Shell (tempurung kelapa) digunakan sebagai alat yang mengeruk pasir lempar dan jatuh di wajah seseorang di samping Gunung Bromo dan berubah menjadi gunung yang disebut Gunung Batok.
Kegagalan untuk membuat laut bajak laut di tengah-tengah Gunung Bromo, membuat kebahagiaan Rara Anteng. Ia melanjutkan hubungan dengan cintanya, Joko Seger. Kemudian Rara Anteng dan Joko Seger sebagai pasangan suami istri bahagia, karena mereka saling mencintai.
Pasangan Rara Anteng dan Jaka Seger membangun pemukiman dan kemudian memerintah di daerah sebagai Tengger Purbowasesa Mangkurat Ing Tengger, artinya "penguasa Tengger Itu Jenis". Nama itu diambil dari akhir suku kata nama Tengger Rara Anteng dan Jaka Seger. Kata juga berarti Tengger Tenggering Budi Luhur atau pengenalan simbol tinggi moral, perdamaian abadi.
Dari waktu ke waktu masyarakat Tengger hidup damai dan makmur, tetapi pihak berwenang tidak merasa bahagia, karena setelah sepasang panjang Rara Anteng dan Jaka Tengger keturunan merried juga belum. Kemudian memutuskan untuk naik ke puncak Gunung Bromo untuk bertapa dengan kepercayaan penuh kepada Yang Mahakuasa yang diberikan keturunan.
Tiba-tiba suara ajaib yang mengatakan bahwa mereka akan dipenjarakan disediakan dijawab tetapi ketika Anda memiliki anak, anak bungsu harus dikorbankan ke kawah Gunung Bromo, Pasangan Roro Anteng dan Jaka Seger menyetujui dan kemudian memiliki 25 anak, tapi naluri berat hati lama ketika kita tidak kehilangan anak. Dalam kata pasangan Rara Anteng dan Jaka Seger ingkar janji, Tuhan marah dengan mengancam dan akan menimpa bencana, maka kegelapan prahara ke kawah Gunung Bromo menyemburkan api.
Kesuma anak-anak terakhir menghilang dari pandangan praisesed api dan pergi ke kawah Bromo, karena kehilangan yang sama mendengar suara Kesuma tak terlihat: "Anda saudaraku-bahwa aku mencintaimu, aku telah dikorbankan oleh orang tua kita dan Hyang Widi menyelamatkan kalian semua Life. damai dan tenang, Hyang Widi menyembah aku mengingatkan Anda bahwa setiap bulan Kasada Festival pada 14 hari untuk membuat persembahan kepada Hyang Widi di kawah Gunung Bromo.. Kebiasaan ini diikuti oleh orang Tengger secara turun temurun dan setiap tahun upacara diadakan di Festival Kasada Poten laut pasir dan kawah Gunung Bromo.